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 Hee-Haw Halfway House Donkey Rescue and Education

Helping Donkeys and Humans Connect


What we do:


The Mission of Hee-haw Halfway House Donkey Rescue and Education 501c3 Nonprofit is to rescue, rehabilitate, re-train, and re-home donkeys in the Northern Colorado and surrounding areas. It is also our mission to educate the public and donkey owners on the care and training of donkeys.

Hee-Haw Halfway House has a mission to connect owners and their donkeys in order to give both the tools they need to succeed. 

This is also the home website for the "Starting the Donkey Book Series"! This educational series of manuals includes :

  • Starting the Donkey From Scratch: Wild to Mild, a Donkeymanship Manual, Second Edition 

  • Starting the Saddle Donkey: A Training Manual, First Edition

  • Starting The Ownership Journey With Donkeys: A Guide to Care and Keeping

*Please Visit our Adoption Qualifications Page if Interested in Adopting!


Everything We Offer

Donkey Adoptions and No-Guilt Surrenders

Training, Education and Consults

Here at Hee-haw Halfway House, we understand that life gets in the way. We offer sanctuary to donkeys who need help. No guilt involved. Donkeys DO need a Brand Inspection, current Coggins and Health Certification to be accepted by the Rescue. 

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