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Email at to inquire about availability!

For Hire: AmbASSador Educational Outreach  Minis

Hee-Haw Halfway House Donkey Rescue and Education now offers our travelling Educational Outreach Minis for hire! Book them for your *local to Northern Colorado* event and bring smiles, levity, fun, and cuteness to your day! 


What we do:

Hiring the AmbASSador Outreach Minis for your event is guaranteed to be a blast! These fully trained, kid-safe, and friendly miniature donkeys can travel to events in Northern Colorado and attend as educational animals, party animals, or simply to attract in more foot traffic to your event. 

The AmbASSador Minis can be dressed up accordingly or come in their educational attire to help attendees learn about fun donkey facts, training and care. 


How to Book The Donkeys!

The AmbASSador donkeys can be booked in advance by emailing Rachel at

The rate for hiring the donkeys starts at $200/hr but additional fees may be added due to driving distances from Wellington, Colorado. The further in advance the donkeys are requested, the more likely we will be able to fulfil that request.

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