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Surrender/Adopt a Donkey

*We do not adopt out donkeys as guardians or single pets



Here are Hee-haw Halfway House, we strive to help donkeys (and owners) in need. We understand life can change and surrendered donkeys are being surrendered because their owner wants the best life and future for them. Surrendering a donkey requires :

1. A Brand Inspection to be completed in our name. We cannot take a donkey without a legal BI.

2. A current Coggins and Health Certificate.

3. Due to our setup, we cannot take on animals recently purchased from sale barns or kill pens. Animals must come from closed herds or be quarantined 45 days before entering the property. 

We understand that donkeys may come in with behavioural issues, non-infectious health conditions, and other problems. The more information we have on a surrendered animal, the better we can help them. Bonded pairs of donkeys are never broken up! We respect and honor the lifelong bonds donkeys share.

Please contact the rescue at 970-560-6655 to discuss a donkey surrender. 




Want to adopt a donkey? How exciting!

Adoption from Hee-haw Halfway House requires several steps. First, check out our ADOPTION REQUIREMENT page on this website to be sure you have an appropriate setup and ability to care for donkeys. To ensure that all of our rescues go to appropriate homes that can provide adequate fencing, shelter, feed and water, farrier work and handling, we must be provided some vital information from potential adopters. 

Email us at to inquire about our Adoption Process and currently adoptable donkeys. 

**We generally have 1-2 adoptable donkeys at any given time, as we are a small rescue. 

**Local adoptions are given preference, and all potential adopters must show proof of adequate housing and care through a site visit or photographic evidence, and Veterinarian/Farrier references

**We do not adopt out without the potential adopter(s) coming to meet the donkey beforehand.

Donkeys are herd animals and prefer another donkey as company. With a few exceptions, our donkeys must go to a home with a donkey or donkeys already on the property. We do not adopt out donkeys as guardian animals or as single pets. Very occasionally, a donkey is best suited as a horse companion. Donkeys do have different diets than horses and potential adopters must be able to manage that situation in the event of a horse companion donkey. Donkeys are adopted out based on suitability to the situation and skills of the adopters. Some of our adoptable donkeys may require experienced adopters due to past trauma.  Bonded pairs of donkeys are not broken up for adoption, they will be adopted out together. Donkeys can pair bond for life and breaking those relationships can be devastating for the donkeys involved. 

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